Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rumor has it ....

Rumor has it that Michael Newdow, a fairly well-known atheist from California, has taken umbrage at the use of the phrase "so help me, God" in the inaugural oath of the President.

Anyone who doesn't believe in God is unfit to "serve" in government.


I don't care how many PhD's he may have, how popular he may be, how long he's been around, or how clever his arguments against the existence of God may be. He is UNFIT to serve.

Why do these morons keep giving Newdow and his ilk a platform?

Interesting - Newdow will marshall a "constitutional" argument against references to God, but says nothing about Obama's constitutional disqualification because he was born in Kenya. What a hypocrite.

There. I said it. I'm done ranting. Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Intemperate Thoughts About 'Christmas'

I am happy that the world has not dressed Jesus in red and white, and had Him sliding down the chimney with His twelve apostolic-elves. I'm glad that His mother has not been re-cast as Mrs. Santa Claus ... or some similar abomination. Still, I'm sure Madison Avenue has at least toyed with the ideas, along with making gift-giving a new sacrament.

But I have abandoned Christmas. The "Christmas Story" is such a twisting of the biblical history that it's an embarrassment. This "baby Jesus" is not what the world needs. Jesus -- displayed as a helpless Babe in a manger is the only Jesus that our crumbling world can tolerate. But it needs to see Jesus Christ the Triumphant, the Judge of the World, the Lord of all the earth, the One Whose fierceness against sin this country will soon face.

We do our country no favor by going along with a pagan Saturnalia feast that's been recycled for the American pseudo-Christian culture. There is no historical record of Jesus or the early church celebrating Jesus' birthday. Why we trot out His baby pictures once a year in a commercialized buying frenzy, laden with guilt and sugar cookies, and then think there's something redeeming about the whole exercise, remains a mystery. "Christmas" is not Christian. It does not honor Christ, it does not edify His people, it does not minister to the lost.

The message America needs to hear now ... ESPECIALLY now .... is "Repent! Judgment is here!" ... not "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" or "Away in a manger."

Let the church BE the church.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do we REALLY want revival?

I have yet to hear anyone with any credibility suggest that things in this country are going to get better any time soon. Yesterday's pessimist is today's realist. The fact is that our country has been incredibly blessed by God for many, many years. We know from Romans 2:4 that God's goodness is intended to lead to repentance. But unfortunately, the more God has blessed us, the harder and more reprobate we seem to have become.

I believe we are now seeing "Plan B" -- the removal of God's hand of blessing from our land. Our problems are not, nor have they ever been, economic. They have ALWAYS been spiritual.

This is the year for us to get our lives right. This means relationships, not stuff. We can afford integrity, but not reputation. We should invest in caring for others, not impressing them.

Please devote some time to the following two items. The article is good and the audio is better.

How To Have a 'Personal' Revival (article)

How To Experience Personal Revival (audio)

I believe this is the year that will make or break a lot of families. This isn't me pretending to be a prophet or anything; just looking at current trends and extrapolating their likely convergence and results. The economy is in melt-down, and nobody really trusts anyone. We're addicted to creature comforts and a police state is in the offing. These are all in-our-face symptoms of a formerly Christian culture that has repudiated its heritage.

In short: there is a problem. I believe God will raise us up and allow us to be part of the answer, but only if we submit to Him.

Please spend some quiet time reviewing the above links. Let's re-align our lives in the light of God's priorities.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prepare To Be Horrified

We got on the 'slippery slope' of infanticide and euthanasia back in the 1950s (remember?) when Thalidomide was being given to pregnant women to ease the discomforts of morning sickness during pregnancy. As it turned out, use in Germany had already revealed that birth defects were a likely result, but this information was withheld, possibly to foment debate on the "ethics" of aborting a pregnancy if it were known that the baby would be severely deformed, retarded, or both.

Back then, the alarm bells sounded ... but alas! we wound up with abortion on demand about twenty years later.

Then partial-birth "abortion" - the gruesome murder of the baby at the time of birth. And "benign neglect" - allowing a baby to die after birth if the baby survived the attempted abortion.

Now, Baroness Warnock has weighed in with the second-to-the-last step on the slope: The DUTY to die if one's life has become burdensome, either to others or to the state. According to Warnock, "Old people with dementia have a duty to die and should be pushed towards death." She doesn't say how hard a push should be administered, but the "duty" to die can only be followed by one thing: the "duty" to kill those who won't do their "duty" voluntarily.

We can see this one coming, folks. This will be doctors REQUIRED to KILL THEIR PATIENTS if the patient's care becomes "too expensive" in the eyes of some state bureaucrat or, more likely, some formula developed by a committee so no one person need shoulder all the blame.

We are talking about the State creating a DUTY to violate the 6th commandment. These are scary times, people. Surely, the return of the Lord and the Day of Vengeance cannot be far off. Jesus said, "Unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved." The scripture also warns of a day when the living would envy the dead, and when people would cry out for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of the Lamb. (Rev. 6:16)

This nation is being turned into hell. Too many are still slumbering; aware of the dire straits we find ourselves in, but more afraid of Obama than they are of the Lord, or perhaps believing that "Messiah Obama" will actually 'turn things around' and get back to the way things used to be.

Well, with the blood of over 50 million innocent children already spilled, and apparently more on the way, this will not happen. There is no spirit of repentance sweeping the land, and as much as we long for and pray for a spiritual revival, that revival will not protect those wicked among us who have chosen to defy the Law of God (including many, I might add, who are hiding out in churches).

Don't be distracted, deceived, or dismayed. Judgment is almost here. Are you ready?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Fix Has Been In"

I found out through Devvy Kidd's research published in her column on that the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund was incorporated in Delaware in February of this year. My first reaction -- and I posted to the first version of this blog entry -- was that the whole "primary campaign" was a sham and a fraud.

I found out subsequently, from another source, that the Fund was re-named after Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation to join him on the ticket.

However, this does not serve to disabuse me of my original conclusion: that the whole game is RIGGED -- We, the People, have no more voice in the selection of our leaders than the Framers of this republic had in the matter of who sat on the British Throne.

The "campaign" was almost totally for show, though it did serve a useful purpose in smoking out folks like Dr. James Dobson and a few other "Christian leaders" who neglected principles on their way to the polls because of their terror at the prospect of living in an ObamaNation come January.

And I still believe that the folks who own The System had already decided who the winners and losers would be. They simply were not as careless with the 'smoking gun' as Devvy would have us believe. Every dime spent on "the campaign" for ANY candidate was wasted money down the rat hole (or, more properly, into the coffers of the Friends of The System in the media), with the exception of at least some of the money given to the Ron Paul effort, as his campaign was highly educational.

This is no longer a Constitutional Republic, and we are no longer self-governing people. We are a conquered people. Through fraud, deceit, lies, and our own trusting stupidity, we have allowed our servants to become our masters.

My first conclusion was that we now have a Duty to Disobey. We really have a primary duty to repent and discern the will of Jesus Christ as we go forward. It is, after all, to Him that we must give an account. That being said, our incoming administration and the federal bureaucracy upon which it rests ("the woman who rides the beast") are still illegitimate and they rule by force and terror, not by legitimate authority.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Once Saved - Always Saved?

I'm plugged in to the ACA network, sponsored by Ning. It's membership is limited to members of the Church of Christ; that is, all "true" believers who follow the Bible in faith and practice.

One of my fellow network members opened a discussion thread on the forum to discuss the idea of "once saved, always saved." This idea is generally rejected by the Church of Christ, and we were fairly freely discussing the issue.

I say "fairly" because it must be understood that concluding that OSAS is true would be heresy. So the conclusion of the discussion is foregone. But the discussion remained civil and some of the points raised were intriguing .... at least, some of us thought so.

And then .... alas! .... some questions were apparently posed that the Guardians of Orthodoxy could not answer and ... the discussion was electronically terminated.

If you've browsed this blog, you already know that I don't like tyranny in any of its forms. But there is something stirring in the hearts of many Christians, and we may yet see the revival we've prayed for. And we will also see, once again, that the biggest resisters will be the religious establishment.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Such Thing As A Good Cop

Committing immoral violence is an unavoidable part of EVERY cop's job. There cannot be a "good cop" any more than there can be a "good car-jacker." Every cop's job is inherently evil, because a cop cannot just decide not to go after people who commit "victimless crimes," which make up MOST of the people the police harass, fine, or imprison.

Read the whole story here:

By the way, of all the nations of the world, the U.S. now has the largest percentage of its people in prison. So much for the "land of the free."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why the UFO-nauts are still hiding

One of the weird things that's supposed to increase during the time of great tribulation just ahead will be demonic activity. Many skeptics who read the Biblical accounts of exorcisms like to ridicule those "backward" people who believed such "nonsense," preferring the enlightened opinions of guys like Freud. Well guess what? Jesus knew exactly what He was doing, and if He said it was a demon possession, then that's exactly what it was. The fact that these things are now rare can be easily explained by one simple fact: there are Spirit-filled disciples about, and no demon can stand against the Word of God wielded by a knowledgeable Christian spiritual warrior. In fact, even an inexperienced warrior is more than a match for a demon.

So, while one of the Apollo astronauts, and the Pope, and a few other notable people have come out and done some advance work for 'aliens,' the fact is that no alien can stand in front of a TV camera and risk the possibility that he will be exposed by a Christian. The Spirit-filled believers must be taken out of the way.

And this is one thing that the bad guys can't do. But God can, and as noted in previous posts, I firmly believe that He will do exactly that, and in the VERY near future.

That is not to say that there won't be attempted "exorcisms" or similar confrontations after the Christians are gone. But they will play out like the episode in Acts 19, where seven guys got their clocks cleaned by a demon who knew they were spiritually unarmed. Those seven guys were fortunate that they didn't all get killed.

In the Tribulation, nominal "Christians" may also try to rebuke demons/aliens in Jesus' name, but it will be the same story: "I know Jesus, but who are you?" They will discover ... too late ... that Jesus is a person to whom a true believer is totally submitted in faith, and not just a genie or cosmic bellhop who will come running whenever we tell Him to.

I believe the signs in the heavens will not be limited to astronomical signs in the sun, moon and stars, but that alleged UFO activity will also be part of the end-time deception. Jesus' first words in the Matthew 24 Olivet discourse were, "Take heed that no one deceives you." And much of this deception will issue from spiritual "leaders" who affirm that Jesus is the Christ, and who claim to speak in His Name.

How deceived are you?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A few thoughts on the "Last Days"

Peter announced the beginning of the "last days" on Pentecost, almost 2000 years ago. One must wonder what he meant. Is the 'last days' such a long period of time that the term is essentially meaningless? Or is there some other constraint we should be aware of?

In a series of five things, one could not properly refer to the second thing in the series as one of the 'last' of the series. Speaking precisely, even the third in the series wouldn't be considered one of the last. So what are we to make of 'last' days that started two millenia ago? How many days would have to preceed them to make them 'last'?

One very common construct is simply this: there are seven 'days' of creation; six of active work and a seventh day of rest. This is a model of the total amount of time created, a day is as a thousand years. There were four 'days' -- four thousand-year periods -- preceeding Peter's statement at Pentecost. The two thousand years since are 'last days' ONLY IF the total number of days is 7 or 8.

Eight breaks the model. Eight is a new beginning, one obvious example is in music: do - re - mi - fa - sol - la - ti are the seven tones, and then the octave is a new beginning. The seven days in a week isn't a coincidence; it's the pattern.

Scripture confirms this in many ways: "After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up."

In the dire straits in which we currently find ourselves, it strains credulity to believe that we will continue to muddle along as we have and manage to even survive for another thousand years. This is it. All the horrors of Revelation are now technological possibilities. The stench of our sin has risen to the nostrils of God Himself, and He will no longer remain silent. The next events will be the Rapture of the overcomers, an incredible war starting at the Euphrates, and some sort of 'peace covenant' that will be confirmed for seven years.

Other possibilities include: biological warfare that will decimate the world's population, alleged "extraterrestrials" (demons masquerading as UFO-nauts) who will try to 'confirm' evolution and necessarily debunk the Bible, and dictatorial government action taking direct control of all U.S. food sources.

Some speculate that there will be EMP weapons deployed against the U.S. which would effectively roll our technology back about 100 years. I'm inclined to doubt this, mainly because the NWO needs technology for their plan to chip and control the survivors of their next war.

In any event, it's becoming 'open season' on Christians around the world, and the U.S. was the last safe haven. However, even here a Christian who speaks out against either the dictatorial and illegal regime in Washington, or against sodomy or any of our other national sins, is now branded a 'dissident' or 'terrorist' and can expect to be rounded up and imprisoned, tortured, and executed. There is no place else to go.... except UP.

We in Christ have served notice on the culture: our lives and message are an indictment against a world that has turned in active rebellion against God, against Jesus Christ, and against the Word of God. All that is left is wrath, and we in the U.S. will soon discover that God has more disaster than Washington has relief. And if we come to ourselves in time, we will also realize that WE DESERVE WHAT IS COMING.

Months ago, when McCain and Obama emerged as our two 'candidates' from whom we would choose our next President, we should have fallen on our faces in bitter repentance. But we did not. As has been stated countless times, our problem is not political or economic -- it is spiritual.

This world might stagger on for another hundred years before Jesus comes again; I might be all wrong on the Rapture. But the fact remains: we are on the brink of cataclysmic events that will forever change life on earth, and many of us won't survive the transition. For those who will shortly die at the hands of the NWO elites, this is their LAST days. A rapture in September doesn't matter to someone gunned down in August.

Prepare to meet your God.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rapture Fever

The excitement about the imminent return of Christ for His Church got another boost with J.R. Church's recent interview of Mark Biltz. Check them out here:

Mark appears to have done his homework, and the conclusion that is there for the grasping is simply this: in about 60 days Jesus will return for his church and seven years of severe tribulation and wrath will be unleashed on those remaining on the planet.

Those who 'love His appearing' and who are the overcomers (see the 7 letters in Revelation) will be spared ("kept from") the awesome judgments that will soon be poured out: man's wrath, nature's wrath, and God's wrath.

Will I look back on this blog entry in October and chuckle over my eschatological error?

Probably not. Those following current events already have a lot less to chuckle about, and I expect that Bush & Co. will uncork their latest disaster before the November elections. Knowing that our probable next "leader" will be either Obama or McCain would incline me to cry if I'm still here at regime change.

But it won't be for long. The NWO thinks there are too many of us common folk, and with their aggressive efforts to make life as unliveable as possible for us as they attempt to reduce our numbers by about 5 billion ... for those left behind, they will truly begin to envy the dead.

I intend to spend these next (last) sixty days in prayer, personal worship, Bible study and thanksgiving as much as possible. By God's grace, our needs will be met, and by God's grace, my whole family will be among the overcomers.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

End Game

The economic situation we see today is what the international bankers and elitists intended. The current state of the American economy was inevitable.

To understand why, one must first review the basic principles of our monetary system. Once the basics are clearly seen, the lies, deceit and theft are obvious.

We have a debt-based monetary system. "Money" comes into being when the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private banks, lends 'dollars' to the federal government in exchange for government bonds. The bonds are backed by all the real and personal property in the country. The 'dollars' are imaginary units; 'notes' that are backed by and redeemable for nothing.

No competition is allowed. The ONLY thing that can be used for money is debt created by, and benefitting, the Federal Reserve bank. One MUST use Federal Reserve Notes to participate in the American economy. Significantly, one must also obtain Federal Reserve Notes to pay the ever-increasing taxes created to pay for this system (and to fund perpetual war).

What many do not understand is that the only way to pay a debt plus the accrued interest, is by paying back 'money' that does not exist. This means that, of necessity, the ultimate resolution of all debts is either forgiveness or foreclosure. The option we assume is available -- repayment -- is not available.

I repeat: this is not an unfortunate miscalculation or minor problem with the system. This IS the system as it was designed and intended. When the Federal Reserve Act became "law" in this country, the eventual transfer of ownership of everything of value to the bankers became a certainty. The only question was how long the 'cat' wanted to play with us mice.

If it surprises you that a banking mechanism that creates nothing of real value can wind up owning everything, you need to take another look at how a debt-based monetary system works.

Suppose we're on an island and we decide to use coconuts for money. It takes a certain amount of effort to harvest coconuts, but they are intrinsically valuable (one can eat them). If I want to buy your hut from you and you offer to sell it for 100 coconuts, that debt can eventually be paid.

However, suppose we have a banker on the island with us, and he convinces us to use coco-Notes instead. I go to him to borrow 100 coco-Notes. These 'notes' do not exist until the loan is created. Suddenly, our little island economy has 100 monetary units in circulation. At this point, that's all the money there is. So I pay you for your house. But I borrowed those 'notes' at interest, say 1%. Where does the interest come from?

Suppose on this same island, Rita wants to buy Sam's canoe. She borrows 50 coco-Notes to make the purchase. I can then do some work for Sam (who has spending money from selling his canoe), and earn the 'Notes' to pay off my loan. Now Rita has a problem. The banker has the interest, the principal of my loan is paid and ceases to exist, and there's no lien on my hut. But Rita owes 50 plus interest on the canoe, and there is not that much 'money' in the economy. There is NO WAY she can pay. So the banker forecloses and winds up with the canoe.

It's a dog-eat-dog world. I can no longer create value and monetize that value. All I can do is use the debt monetized by the bank. As a matter of LAW, my gold, silver, and coconuts are no longer money. They are simply commodities; property hypothecated against the debt created by the bank. Life becomes dog-eat-dog because the only way I can pay my interest is by going after someone else's principal. Whoever is still struggling when the music stops loses everything.

The game runs as long as the banker wants it to. As soon as he stops making loans -- 'creating money' -- those at the bottom of this food chain start facing foreclosure.

Welcome to America 2008. This is EXACTLY what the bankers are doing.

As we watch, the Federal Reserve is taking direct control of more and more banks. Their little flim-flam game is stealing all the property in America and, as Jefferson said, we are about to wake up homeless on the continent our forefathers conquered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Understanding the Trick

I've long maintained that 'liberal' and 'conservative' are simply styles of rhetoric that candidates for public office rely on to appeal for support. Once in office, however, they are almost all (Dr. Ron Paul being a notable exception) statists. Policy supports the growth of the government, and different excuses are offered to make the same vote for the same policy seem both liberal and conservative; i.e. in your best interests, regardless of your position on the 'political spectrum.'

It's all lies, of course. Almost all of the people who run for public office do it because they want power, not results. Once enough of us understand how this 'trick' works, maybe we can make some long overdue changes. But I still doubt that 'the system' -- broken as it is -- can ever be used to fix itself. We didn't vote ourselves into this mess. Rather, this road to hell is paved with crime, usurpation, lawlessness, rationalizations ("it's for their own good" or "the end will justify the means") extortion, and rebellion against God.

"How To Be A Successful Tyrant" digs into the mindset in a serious and yet whimsical way. Tyrants are dead earnest about their dream to run our lives and rule the world. Thinking themselves wise, they have done the very un-wise thing of attempting to sit on a throne that only Jesus Christ is worthy to sit upon. And He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord will hold them in derision.

That said, our duty is to watch and pray. Watch -- know what's going on; not the sound-bites for the mindless often offered up by network news, but the real story of what is happening and why. See where this road will take us.

Then pray. Turn off the entertainment and get on your knees, or your face. Examine yourself, repent and make restitution. And urge others to do the same.

Larken's book may help understand the enemy without, and within. The sins that so easily beset us reside in all our hearts. Today's elitist tyrants have only one thing the rest of us lack: opportunity.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Great Black Man

Actually, two black culture articles of interest today. "Proud To Be Stupid?" is a rebuke against the recent silliness in Dallas, Texas - construing the use of the astronomical term "black hole" as some sort of racial slur.

Second, and more uplifting, is a brief tribute of sorts to Frederick Douglass, a former slave who freed his mind and his body from slavery -- without self-pity, without race-baiting, without any of the counter-productive (at best) and downright destructive tactics used by too many of the black leaders today. Mr. Douglass was A Great Black Man and it's a shame that more of us aren't familiar with his wisdom. Visit the site and remedy that.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sabbath Q & A

Q: I am curious about your opinion of the meaning of Colossians 2:16-17:

16 Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day--
17 things which are a mere shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ.

A: My thoughts --

Sabbath and Sabbath-keeping (or Sabbath observance) is getting a lot more attention now than it did even ten years ago. I find this consistent with God's stirring our hearts and getting us out of our luke-warmness. I think the Sabbath has gotten a bad rap.

First, the idea of Sunday being the "Christian Sabbath" is rather fanciful. The antinomians ("anti-law" - the law is fulfilled in Christ so we are completely free of it. All that's required is that we love one another and love our enemies) still don't have much problem with the idea of Christians being somehow 'required' to observe Sunday as a 'day of worship.' But if you've read Pagan Christianity (for one), you know that abandoning the 7th day and having church meetings on the 1st day instead is distinctively pagan. Constantine wanted to wed the church to the state, and that's part of the way he did so.

I've noticed in my web research that there are various schemes for calculating the Sabbath. Some are based on the lunar cycles and get rather complex. I'm inclined to believe that God would not require a Sabbath observance as part of His moral law and then make compliance difficult or confusing. "Remember the Sabbath" should be no more difficult to understand than "Thou shalt not steal." True, we can make it difficult with our sophistry, but that's us, not God.

The Jews had a problem because they reasoned the Sabbath with their flesh and their mind, not with their spirit and their heart. They wanted a bunch of specific rules and wanted to quantify Sabbath-keeping. I think Jesus and Paul both dealt adequately with their errors. THAT we remember the Sabbath is a matter of the moral law; HOW we do so is under grace.

In the Colossians passage you cited, I think the emphasis is on people setting themselves up (or setting others up) to judge the quality or adequacy of the various areas cited. The point, I think, is that your Biblically-informed conscience should guide in these areas. The purpose of Sabbath-keeping was primarily as a commemoration of God's creative work. Were the Christians to actively commemorate creation, I believe the Holy Spirit would then convict the culture of the sin of embracing evolutionism. Attributing the work of God to others -- "chance" or "nature" or whatever -- is blasphemy against God. (When the Pharisees attributed a healing done by the Holy Spirit to the work of Beelzebub, Jesus called it blasphemy - see Matthew 12.)

The point, I think, is that we don't quantify the moral law, or see how close we can get to violation without 'technically' stepping over the line. This was the sin described in Numbers 15. It was forbidden to gather wood on the Sabbath. The man thought that because what he gathered was "sticks" and not "wood," (a subtle difference), that he wasn't 'technically' breaking the law. But he had rebellion in his heart, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. He didn't want to distance himself from sin, but wanted to get as close to the line as possible without stepping over.

I believe that, out of love for God and love for our fellow-creatures, we ought to observe a Sabbath and grant Sabbath rest to our employees, our family members, and our community. Were the Christians, for instance, to stop shopping on the Sabbath, all those retail clerks would have nothing to do and their pagan bosses would send them home. They would get their day of rest. So, to effect that, part of the historical Sabbath observance was to not use money on the Sabbath. Exceptional circumstances may REQUIRE the use of money on a Sabbath ... but those are exceptions. Our 'legalism' regarding Sabbath-keeping shouldn't keep us from doing good on the Sabbath.

Somewhat common sense, one would hope. But common sense is often jettisoned when legalism takes the helm.

Food, drink, new moon and Sabbath are spoken of as 'shadow' but the same claim is never made about, say, prohibitions against idolatry, or murder, or the requirement to honor one's parents. And, of interest, the dietary prohibitions are not in the moral law. Sabbath is in both the moral and the ceremonial law. So the ceremonial aspects are obsolete, being fulfilled in Christ. Our true "Sabbath" is not a day, but a Person. We rest in Christ; He is our Sabbath. However, this does not nullify or set aside our requirements under the moral law. I need not elaborate.

Sabbath is getting a lot of resistance amongst the mainstream believers. I think that's tragic, but that is God's concern, not mine. Christians set the seventh day aside for cleaning the garage, abortions (last I heard, the busiest day for the butchers), shopping, etc. When we become RADICAL about obeying and honoring God, and about saving this country from an otherwise certain doom, THEN and only then ....

2 Chron 7:14 - If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Confidence

We have now reached the point where there is absolutely nothing else the criminals running the Federal "government" need to do to convince the honest among us that they are, indeed, criminals. They have lied, murdered, stolen ... they routinely kill people and steal things, reward evil and punish good. And the only thing left short of armed resistance -- which I believe is coming -- is for people to publicly repudiate this gang of thugs.

Our legitimate Constitutional government is no more. It exists only in imaginations and in history books. We have gangster government; people who are actively and self-consciously opposed to God's Law and righteousness.

I repudiate them all, and I call down God's righteous wrath upon their heads. May God hear the cries of His people, and may He deliver us speedily. I believe His judgment has arrived, and a year from now we will still be reeling from it.

Read my repudiation at and please pass these links around. The system is broken, and we can't use a broken system to repair the system. Technology will not save us, neither will good intentions or 'voting for change.'

We're screwed. It's time to repent and honor our 400-year-old covenant with God.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Would You Have Signed?

Talk is cheap. As Ron Paul noted, "the founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Here's an update, with a short list of some of the crimes and malfeasance of our current Federal rulers. And here's your opportunity to put them on notice. Mad as hell? Gonna take it any more? Sign up ... or shut up.

Here's the link: New Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Forced Money

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A brand new technology has been developed that makes websites pay you by "force!"
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This breakthrough was developed by a New York Virtual Marketing firm, and is taking the Web by storm! A spokesperson explained, "Imagine the Worldwide-Web as an ocean of money ... our new technology merely makes a way for YOU to be able to dig a big trench from that 'cash-sea' directly into your backyard!"

You get a webpage that captures a huge segment of the daily visitors it receives and winds up upselling them repeatedly with a predictable conversion each and every time. Additional site features generate ongoing traffic.

Curious? Get the complete story by visiting Forced Money.

Check it out and start making a little money on the web ... for a change!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Are We Here?

Dennis Marcellino cites a survey on CNN Headline News that said the #1 interest of 43% of Americans is, “What is the meaning of life?”

Logically, life must have meaning. If life had no meaning, the concept would have no meaning. It would then never occur to anyone to wonder about the 'meaning of life' because the idea itself would be nonsense.

We're at the brink. Politicians want more power, corporate leaders want larger market share and higher profits, starving people want food, war-ravaged people want peace, and the average blue-collar worker just wants to be left alone.

But is that 'meaning'? Wanting things and getting what we want?

Henry Blackaby gave the keynote address at a National Day of Prayer event four years ago. His comments remain relevant: God Himself has an agenda for the world, and particularly for His people. We would be well-served to forget our priorities and think about His. All our earthly hopes, dreams, and accomplishments will vanish like a dream disappears when one awakens. None of it will matter, nor will it leave evidence that it ever even existed. But the One with whom we have to do -- He will hold us accountable.

We are called to 'watch' - to meditate on God's Word - to be extensions of God's grace in this world. So put away your vainglory, your temporary hopes and yearnings for physical comfort, power, and praise. The world, the flesh and the devil will be gone soon enough.

Then what?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Better Than You

"Diversity" suggests that differences are just that. I'm not 'better' (qualitatively) than another person just because I have different preferences, abilities, or physical characteristics. But this does not apply to politics. A person who eschews, or actively fights against theft, or kidnapping, or violence is actually a BETTER person. It may not be politically correct, of course, in a land that prides itself on equality, but we need to be realistic.

In this article, Larken Rose makes the case for qualitative inequality - not that it should exist, but that it does. He then challenges the reader to ask a statist you know why he feels okay about advocating that YOU be forcibly robbed every year to pay for things you don't support. And see if he can look you in the eye when/if he answers.

Also included is a link to one of Claire Wolfe's classics: 101 Things To Do 'Til the Revolution.

Read the complete article here:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teaching Subservience

We're used to hearing of our 'failing' public educational system, but as a matter of fact, the public schools have been incredibly successful at their primary mission: creating compliant, submissive worker-bees for the national plantation being governed by the emerging Federal tyranny. It is unfortunate collateral damage that we've created a huge body politic that can barely reason, but that was never the intention.

Larken Rose, H.L. Mencken, Mark Twain, John Stuart Mill, and John Taylor Gatto all contribute insights into this exposé of public education and the tyrannical objectives behind its demise.

Teaching Subservience by Larken Rose - Everything about the 'education' systems in most of the world teaches, first and foremost, that one should always be subservient to authority.

Demanding News

Bogus "news" stories, outright fabrications, disinformation, and mindless 'infotainment' have become standard fare for much of the mainstream media. As a result, the average American viewer is either tittilated, mis-informed, or uninformed. This is hardly the formula for the informed electorate that we need if we want to get this country back onto the right track.

Michael Carl seems to think that we need to hold the media strictly accountable for accuracy, content, and relevance. In today's article, Demanding News, Rev. Carl calls on Americans to get involved by engaging the media and challenging them to return to the previously high standards of American journalism.

Trivial, lame and absurd stories do not deserve space in today's news, especially if it means significant stories must go unreported. And there is never any excuse for reporting lies as truth.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hateful Freedom?

Should the victims of extortion stand together to RESIST their own prosperity? This is what AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes is encouraging Democrat union members to do in Massachusetts, where a campaign to abolish the state's income tax is gaining momentum. Of course, as long as they have electronic voting machines, the issue remains -- not in the hands of the voters -- but in the hands of the mainstream media who must make the referendum results appear plausible.

In our Orwellian world, it's entirely possible that the wage slaves in Massachusetts will vote to keep the security of their chains rather than "abolish the forms to which they are accustomed." Still, Haynes' lunacy has not escaped the notice of Larken Rose, who presents his own analysis in his recent article, Hateful Freedom?

Those who trade freedom for security lose both. Let's see what Massachusetts does.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"For the Unpopular Side"

More clarity from Larken Rose: do people ACCUSED of being terrorists, or "enemy combatants," or whatever, deserve to be treated as innocent until proven guilty? Put the shoe on the other foot. If Chinese troops came over here, and did random searches of homes without warrants or probable cause, and arrested hundreds of people based on nothing more than guesses or suspicions, would you think it was okay? In other words, do you ACTUALLY believe in freedom, or do you just believe that YOU should be free?

When politicians whine that they need more power, you would do well to assume that they want to use that power against YOU, or at least that the power WILL be used against you at some time in the future.

Read Larken's latest here:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Get Rid of Love Handles

I have never had much of a problem with excess body weight, or with 'love handles' in particular. But I got an email from Travis Sago and he suggested I write on 'How To Get Rid of Love Handles.'

"Weight Loss" is BIG business (no pun intended). Part of the problem is diet, part is lifestyle (lack of exercise) and part is psychological. It's no secret that Americans dine on garbage ... stuff that is really not all that nutritious. It's also no secret that our lifestyles are a lot more sedentary. With our short attention spans, we want to take one pill one time to solve the problem, whether it be skin problems, depression, or even excess weight. Unfortunately, those solutions have only one noticeable benefit: wealth and job security for the pill sellers.

It's been suggested that one of the problems with 'weight loss' is the phrasing. When you 'lose' something -- your car keys, your wallet, your term paper -- you usually set out to find it. So simply changing the phrase from 'weight loss' to 'weight release' changes the mindset. Those 'love handles' are NOT YOU. They don't belong on you, and they don't belong to you. So release them, let them go. And then don't go trying to find them or replace them.

No one needs to buy a book or see a doctor to learn that broccoli is harder on love handles than candy corn. There is lots of information (and some malicious dis-information) on the web or in the library. One concept that made sense to me (for overall health, not just weight loss) is the idea of eating according to your blood type. This information is presented by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. Unfortunately, a lot of the foods he doesn't recommend for my blood type are on my favorites list. In addition, if you have people in your family with different blood types, you wind up with either a short list of foods you can all eat, or you compromise the system.

One person who applies science to both diet (for health) and lifestyle/exercise (for fitness) is Tom Venuto. Folks who are serious about losing those 'love handles' will often try all the free stuff, listen to their friends and co-workers, and ricochet from one program or diet plan to another with no results. Tom understands this subject and guarantees his results.

For someone who just wants to get rid of love handles quickly without getting into condition, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program might be just the ticket. I think this 'for idiots' thing has been beaten to death, and the suggestion that love handles are a sign of mental deficiency is an unkindness that heavy people should not have to endure. BUT -- the program guarantees a 9-lb loss every eleven days... safely. Nothing bizarre or extreme, some encouragement, some education, and a manageable program (you can do almost ANYTHING if it only lasts 9 days). You'll know in plenty of time whether the approach works for you or not.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of love handles, this information could be just what you need. Summer's almost here and it's a great time to get back in shape.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Selenium Therapy

I found a very interesting book from, of all places, ClickBank. It is about the life, discoveries, and 73-year medical career of Dr. Emanuel Revici. He developed what might be called "Selenium Therapy" in the treatment of cancer. I wrote a short article about it which will, hopefully, get some visibility through Ezine Articles (as I make this post, the article is still in the 'pending approval' pipeline).

Dr. Revici died at age 101; clearly he was practicing what he preached. He earned the disdain of the "Cancer Industry" because, obviously, cancer is Big Business here in the U.S. Pardon my cynicism, but it's a painfully obvious truth. But the value of his information was borne out by my research on Amazon. The book retails for $40 and there was only ONE COPY on Amazon offered for sale. It was offered as a collectible because it was signed by the author, who has the book listed. No one else who has purchased the book wants to part with it. According to the sales page (linked above), used copies have been sold for as much as $570. Truly, good information has value.

The book tells all; or at least all that one needs to intelligently apply the discoveries and therapies of Dr. Revici. All we need to do is get the word out.

So, dear reader, copy and paste the link into an email and send it to all your friends. Do them a huge favor.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Earn 3k-5k Weekly

The "Reverse Funnel System" is not at all what it's cracked up to be. Ty is on top and is doing very nicely, thank you, but the system itself is designed to benefit him ... and guess at whose expense?

Promises ... promises ... and the major problems with making money online remain unsolved.

Monday, April 7, 2008

America - From Freedom to Fascism



On Saturday, March 04, 2006 I viewed From Freedom To Fascism at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary, North Carolina.  From a technical point of view, it was masterfully done. The purpose of this review is to consider the content of the film, and also Robert Schulz’ comments following the presentation.

Russo wants us to believe that a One-World Government is being orchestrated by the international bankers/Council on Foreign Relations, and that once this new government is in place, national sovereignty and personal freedom will no longer exist.  He exorts us to do whatever we can to resist, while resistance is still possible.  I believe this thesis misses the mark.

What Mr. Russo doesn’t acknowledge is something the Framers knew quite well:  There is already a one-world Government.  It was firmly established almost 2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ announced, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”  This is not an article of faith, true only for the religious folk among us.  Rather, this is an article of FACT, and it’s true for everybody, whether they believe it or not.

The framers believed it.  Franklin, Jefferson and Washington all referred directly to the overarching superintendence of a just God.  The most-referenced resource in the writings of the framers was Blackstone’s commentaries, and his most-referenced resource was the book of Deuteronomy.  The existence of God and His intervention in the affairs of men was generally understood here in America 225 years ago.

Russo sees the current political trends as the machinations of malevolent bankers who are bent on controlling the world.  He doesn’t see them as pretenders to a throne that is already occupied.  Nor does he suggest the possibility that our current distresses are the direct results of our moral rebellion against the One who is sitting on that throne.

The increase in tyrannical oppression that we will certainly experience if we don’t repent is simply the tool of chastisement that God is using to judge us.  Should we, like dumb oxen, continue to kick against the goads?  Or should we rather make peace with the One who is using those goads to punish us?

Because — like it or not — THAT’S the deal.  God allows the wicked to flourish that He might destroy them forever.  But He won’t destroy them as long as it’s in our best interests to suffer under them.  And we will continue to suffer until we repent.

I commend Mr. Russo for his clear and compelling presentation of the unvarnished truth.  This was obviously a labor of love, and he poured himself into the project.

Following the showing of the film, Mr. Robert Schulz took center stage and tried to segue from the film to his cherished issue:  the petitions for redress of grievances that his We The People organization has been promoting for years.  This part of the program was, to me, disappointing.  While it is most certainly true, as Mr. Schulz pointed out, that the American population is more familiar with The Simpsons than they are with the Bill of Rights, it would have been appropriate to point out that American “Christians” are more familiar with The Simpsons than they are with the Ten Commandments.

AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM!  The problem is not “international bankers,” or “international corporations,” or “the Council on Foreign Relations.”  The problem is US:  Christians who practice all the sins that offend God, then expect to remain free.  And contrary to Mr. Schulz' assertion, a Petition For Redress is NOT the solution.  Only national repentance will bring an end to the hostilities.  This MUST begin with God's people who are called by His name.

Folks, the reason we are losing our freedom is because we don’t deserve to keep it.  And until we repent and start living like sons and daughters of God, we will continue to slide down into the abyss.

Mr. Shulz and Mr. Russo both strongly promoted the idea that all power resides in the people, and that government must be with the consent of the governed.  This is just democracy — a lie as old as the whopper Satan told Eve in the garden.  The truth is that all power and all authority reside in Christ, NOT in “the people.”  God does not bless us with freedom so we can do what we want.  God allows us to be free so we can do what we ought.  The problem is not political, it’s theological.  The framers understood that our rights were an endowment from our Creator.

Test this yourself.  What sort of wholesome, Christ-honoring behavior sets Christians apart from the public at large in America?  Do Christians refuse to see some movies that the rest of the public watches?  Do Christians have fewer abortions than non-believers?  Is pornography beneath the standards that the Christian community has set for itself?  Do Christians swear less?  The only discernable difference between American Christians and the population at large is that Christians tend to go to their Sunday morning, seeker-sensitive, church “services.”  And you probably know as well as I that these activities are designed to appeal to “the lost,” NOT to honor God.  The “god” that is presented in many of these meetings is one of love, tolerance and diversity;  a rock-and-roll deity who endorses just about any activity.

Read (or, hopefully, re-read) the Book of Judges.  It’s like a broken record:  the people rebel against God and His law, so God raises up the Moabites to oppress them.  They repent and are delivered.  They relapse into sin, so God raises up Jabin and the Canaanites to oppress them.  They repent and God delivers them.  They return to their evil ways, so God raises up the Midianites to oppress them ... get the picture?

Sound familiar?

Pointing these things out was not Mr. Russo’s purpose.  He solely intended to sound another wake-up call to those slumbering among us.  Pointing out the theological connection is the responsibility of the pastors and evangelists, and it appears they are still asleep at their posts.  Perhaps Mr. Russo's effort will awaken them.

Political tyranny is not pleasant, but effective resistance will take the form of repentance, not rebellion.  I had hoped that Mr. Schulz would see this.  I certainly hope YOU do.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Knife in Ron Paul's Back

I spent several hours walking my precinct on Monday, then went to my precinct meeting yesterday. The sense I got from my street canvassing, even among some registered voters, is that there isn't much difference between Democrats and Republicans. And I've preached that long and hard for quite a few years.

Ron Paul's unavoidable problem is that he has to run as a Republican or else he has NO ACCESS to the system. The Republicrats run the show, along with their handlers in the media. The media provides 'viability' or 'electability' by covering a campaign, and the Major Parties then choose from amongst the media's anointed to provide the voters with a well-managed choice.

The knife is the Republican's well-established history of duplicity, treachery, and betrayal. The patron saint of the 21st century Republican establishment is that icon of Conservatism: Ronald Reagan. But it was Reagan who laid the foundation for almost all of our problems. He didn't deliver on his promise for smaller and less-intrusive government, he had huge budget deficits, and he handed off to George Bush I who was a CIA operative and began all the entangling alliances, etc. in the middle east. He also disgusted us with Republican big government and greased the skids for 8 years of the Clintonistas. Two years into the Clinton regime, the voters (maybe) voted for change, and the "Contract With America" came forth. Gingrich and Armey were going to provide leadership for a batch of conservative freshman Congressmen who were going to pare down government - "bind them down by the chains of the Constitution, where they can do no mischief" as Jefferson said.

Instead, Gingrich and his buddies did all within their power to derail the clear will of the People and give us even BIGGER government.

Bush the Second ran on a platform of a humble foreign policy, no nation-building, lower taxes, responsible "Christian" government. This led to more Republican betrayal, as we all now know.

The best thing is that the Republicans don't like Ron Paul. He is obviously not one of them. I only hope he can demonstrate that the betrayal came from the NeoCons who have hijacked the party, and that this stranglehold on the body politic by the warmongers and the banksters can be broken. Whether they can be permanently put into a cage is another question, as the American voting public seems incapable of eternal vigilance. But it does awaken from its slumber from time to time, and we can only pray that this is one of those times.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A political rant to a local Candidate for office

As far as I can tell, the "STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA" is a federal corporation that has usurped the organic republican State of North-Carolina and consists of a band of thugs and criminals whose sole intent is to plunder us. These people are thieves and worse, and will stop at nothing to continue their evil regime. I am appalled and disgusted by them.

When the Cubans were confronted by tyrannical government, they had some place to escape to. As far as I can tell, we have no place to escape to. We must either fight or submit. Our political enemies are destroying the middle class by design, and simply want a well-regulated federal plantation where we peasants and serfs work all day (with an extra part-time job on the weekends) while they train up OUR children in government schools, and then when we are too old or weak to work, we die.

It's one hell of a system, and it's designed that way.

I hope that you will join with us to engage the system and begin to eviscerate it. A pledge to 'not raise taxes' does not excite my passion when taxes are already obscenely high. A pledge to dramatically lower taxes would be better, and a plan to ELIMINATE taxes would suggest you get it. These bastards are harvesting billions of dollars from folks who just want to live their lives in peace. Many of these elected officials properly belong in prison. You know it ... I know it. And they probably know it, too. What's their response? Support for the "Homegrown Terrorist Act" that will be used to round up and incarcerate folks like me for simply expressing these intemperate thoughts.

Last year, our local Sheriff had a clear-cut decision to either obey his oath to God to support and defend the Constitution, or to piss on the oath and the Constitution and steal over thirty thousand dollars from me. That quisling coward chose poorly, and I am quite confident that God Himself will avenge. And it is still a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

If you are elected, and I hope you are, I fully expect you will aggressively pursue these people, and shine the light of truth on these scuttling cockroaches and their nefarious deeds. YouTube may yet save us! Make a movie and upload, and let the body politic see what these people are really like. The Revolution is not about Ron Paul; it's a whole lot bigger than that. The world knows we MUST prevail, or this will truly become "Prison Planet."

What are we gonna do about it?

Political Philosophy

If I don't have a right, then I can't delegate the exercise of that non-existing 'right' to someone else. I don't care how competent or well-intentioned people in government are, if they don't have authority to do something, they shouldn't do it. And if they do it anyway, someone should be impeached (or fired) and then tried. Arrogant and tyrannical "public servants" should be on the street and living under bridges, rather than our returning veterans.

Civil government's natural tendency is to usurp, and the body politic's natural tendency is to trust their elected representatives. OUR elected representatives no longer represent us. They plunder us for their benefit.

We got here for several reasons:

  • First, the failure of most of us to responsibly self-govern. When we exchanged liberty under God for license, a power vacuum of sorts was created, and civil government filled the void. We've had severe moral lapses and we are paying for it.
  • Second, VOTE FRAUD. I don't believe we voted for a lot of this stuff. "Those who count the votes decide everything." (attributed to Josef Stalin) and our votes are counted by computers programmed by Diebold or, in NC, an outfit called ES&S. I understand these companies are owned by Israelis. So it's no wonder that pro-Israel candidates litter the political landscape.
  • Third, flaky theology. Many believed the "Rapture" would deliver us, so didn't care how polluted the political and social environments became. Indeed, many Christians, including pastors, taught and believed that things MUST get this bad, that this was the outworking of prophecy, that it was God's Will. Some also believe our mis-adventures in the middle east are also, somehow, sanctified activities -- even though none of it honors or glorifies Christ. Blindly, they vote for leaders who offer us more of what Schofield's Bible told us was destined to happen. Well ... it's many years after the so-called "last generation" and we're still here, and rather than God blessing us for our obedience, He is clearly judging us for our gross malfeasance.
What to do? How about:

  1. Strict limits on governmental authority and activity
  2. Balanced budget
  3. Eliminate taxes
  4. Strict accountability against lawbreakers and usurpers in government. Criminal sanctions for breach of fiduciary trust for those who violate the Constitution.
  5. Privatize - let the market decide
I would like to see a culture that honors its senior citizens by making them tax-immune after age sixty. No property tax, no income tax, no sales tax. We need to 'rise up before the hoary head' as the scriptures say, and respect the fact that these folks have paid their share.

We also need to get the government out of the school business. Period. Privatize every single school and get rid of the Department of Education.

Get the government out of garbage collection and the rest. All the government properly needs to do is punish the wicked. We need a Sheriff who respects the Constitution (that excludes Harrison) and will go after the true miscreants in our society, and we need a court system to try them (with fully informed juries), and a penal system to rehab them if possible, or execute them if necessary.

And we need a legislature that will go through the laws on the books and repeal a LOT of them.

We have a RIGHT to travel. The DMV has no legitimate authority taking our natural God-given right, converting it into a 'privilege' by legal word-smithing and sophistry, and then selling that right back to us as a state-granted privilege. There should be, and properly is no, tax on my RIGHT to own an automobile or a house or any other property.

Join the Revolution: Would YOU have signed the Declaration of Independence?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust?

Rumor has it ( that Rudy Giuliani is considering quitting the race. Many in the Revolution will take this gleefully, but ...

But I don't think our objective should be to simply 'win' an election. We need to win the hearts and minds of our political opponents. We want the wholesale rejection of centralized political power, Keynesian economics, empire-building and all the other failed policies and philosophies that have brought us to the edge of the abyss.

The mainstream media, I suspect, are not happy with another drop-out, as there will be less advertising dollars for them. Too bad. It would be nice if the media would also figure out what is really going on.

Fund Raiser

(This was a fund-raising 'Chip-In' widget to support the Ron Paul campaign in North Carolina.)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire Debates - we were lucky

Dr. Paul did not look well on Saturday night. He looked exhausted, and also a little confused. I think it was clear that he got the least face time of all the candidates. I also think it's a blessing in disguise that the FOX effort was cancelled. They are still not our friends, but the NH GOP took the opportunity to appear 'principled' and I think not having another debate works to our advantage.

Dr. Paul differentiates himself by being the only candidate who stands for the RULE OF LAW. This is significant, and instead of addressing issue-this or issue-that, he needs to rise above all the "me, too!" offered by both parties, and hold every one of them accountable to the Constitution. Even when asked about his core principles, he hit maybe a ground rule double when he should have hit that one out of the park.

We are tired of tyranny. We've seen enough rule by well-intentioned men who think that anything worth doing should be done and managed by the Federal government. And we need to hit all these tyrants with that concept over and over and over again. We need to remind the body politic that if ANY proposed course of action does not pass Constitutional muster, it must be rejected, and that any pretender to the Presidency who will ignore the Constitution is not worthy of anyone's vote.

Before we know it, all kinds of other candidates will be launching campaigns for judgeships, State senators, U.S. Congress, sheriffs, etc. etc. And we owe it to the electorate to raise up a clear standard, that standard being the Constitution. We need to tell them over and over again that we are replacing a government of men with a government of law. That's what this Revolution is all about. We want our freedom back, and we will never get it back as long as we support people who refuse to obey the law. We need to urge every voter or potential voter to turn off the tube for 20 minutes and read the Constitution (and a downloadable PDF copy should be available on every web site that supports Ron Paul).

Finally, I would suggest a series of radio spots along the lines of:
Hi, I'm Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President.

During this campaign, you will continue to hear candidates for various positions as they offer their solutions to the many problems our country is now facing. How can an intelligent voter decide which solutions are best?

Might I suggest a simple test that is often overlooked? Just look in the U.S. Constitution and see for yourself if the law gives authority for the solution proposed. For instance, a candidate may universal health care. However, the Constitution does not grant the Federal government authority to meddle with health care at all. The Constitutiont says, "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution ... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people," and the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.

The lawful and moral answer then becomes clear: Health care is a matter for families, the free market, and perhaps state governments. History has also shown us that this is the right path. Since the Federal government began meddling in medicine, health care in this country has gotten worse.

Be an informed voter. Visit our web site for a free copy of the Constitution.

I'm Ron Paul, and I endorse this message.

These can be mp3 files on the web site that we can download and play on local radio stations, pass on to friends, or even call local call-in radio shows and play through the phone and over the air. Dr. Paul's answers and issue statements should be salted with direct quotes from the Constitution.

We ... as Ron Paul supporters ... need to be totally conversant in the Constitution. The defining issue of this campaign is nothing less than the future of our country, and perhaps of the free world, and that issue is this: Are we a nation of law? Either we will be a nation of law or we will be a nation of tyrants. We either elect a President or we get a king. Hillary recently responded to a hard question by having the questioner hauled out of the meeting and tasered. This while she is campaigning to get people to like her and trust her. What she will do if elected is anyone's guess, but almost all of our Republican candidates are cut from the same cloth.

Feel free to forward this, read it on your program, whatever. Most important is to get these ideas before Dr. Ron or Dr. Rand.

Let freedom ring!