Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Confidence

We have now reached the point where there is absolutely nothing else the criminals running the Federal "government" need to do to convince the honest among us that they are, indeed, criminals. They have lied, murdered, stolen ... they routinely kill people and steal things, reward evil and punish good. And the only thing left short of armed resistance -- which I believe is coming -- is for people to publicly repudiate this gang of thugs.

Our legitimate Constitutional government is no more. It exists only in imaginations and in history books. We have gangster government; people who are actively and self-consciously opposed to God's Law and righteousness.

I repudiate them all, and I call down God's righteous wrath upon their heads. May God hear the cries of His people, and may He deliver us speedily. I believe His judgment has arrived, and a year from now we will still be reeling from it.

Read my repudiation at http://www.rogershermansociety.com/noconfidence.htm and please pass these links around. The system is broken, and we can't use a broken system to repair the system. Technology will not save us, neither will good intentions or 'voting for change.'

We're screwed. It's time to repent and honor our 400-year-old covenant with God.

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