Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rumor has it ....

Rumor has it that Michael Newdow, a fairly well-known atheist from California, has taken umbrage at the use of the phrase "so help me, God" in the inaugural oath of the President.

Anyone who doesn't believe in God is unfit to "serve" in government.


I don't care how many PhD's he may have, how popular he may be, how long he's been around, or how clever his arguments against the existence of God may be. He is UNFIT to serve.

Why do these morons keep giving Newdow and his ilk a platform?

Interesting - Newdow will marshall a "constitutional" argument against references to God, but says nothing about Obama's constitutional disqualification because he was born in Kenya. What a hypocrite.

There. I said it. I'm done ranting. Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Intemperate Thoughts About 'Christmas'

I am happy that the world has not dressed Jesus in red and white, and had Him sliding down the chimney with His twelve apostolic-elves. I'm glad that His mother has not been re-cast as Mrs. Santa Claus ... or some similar abomination. Still, I'm sure Madison Avenue has at least toyed with the ideas, along with making gift-giving a new sacrament.

But I have abandoned Christmas. The "Christmas Story" is such a twisting of the biblical history that it's an embarrassment. This "baby Jesus" is not what the world needs. Jesus -- displayed as a helpless Babe in a manger is the only Jesus that our crumbling world can tolerate. But it needs to see Jesus Christ the Triumphant, the Judge of the World, the Lord of all the earth, the One Whose fierceness against sin this country will soon face.

We do our country no favor by going along with a pagan Saturnalia feast that's been recycled for the American pseudo-Christian culture. There is no historical record of Jesus or the early church celebrating Jesus' birthday. Why we trot out His baby pictures once a year in a commercialized buying frenzy, laden with guilt and sugar cookies, and then think there's something redeeming about the whole exercise, remains a mystery. "Christmas" is not Christian. It does not honor Christ, it does not edify His people, it does not minister to the lost.

The message America needs to hear now ... ESPECIALLY now .... is "Repent! Judgment is here!" ... not "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" or "Away in a manger."

Let the church BE the church.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do we REALLY want revival?

I have yet to hear anyone with any credibility suggest that things in this country are going to get better any time soon. Yesterday's pessimist is today's realist. The fact is that our country has been incredibly blessed by God for many, many years. We know from Romans 2:4 that God's goodness is intended to lead to repentance. But unfortunately, the more God has blessed us, the harder and more reprobate we seem to have become.

I believe we are now seeing "Plan B" -- the removal of God's hand of blessing from our land. Our problems are not, nor have they ever been, economic. They have ALWAYS been spiritual.

This is the year for us to get our lives right. This means relationships, not stuff. We can afford integrity, but not reputation. We should invest in caring for others, not impressing them.

Please devote some time to the following two items. The article is good and the audio is better.

How To Have a 'Personal' Revival (article)

How To Experience Personal Revival (audio)

I believe this is the year that will make or break a lot of families. This isn't me pretending to be a prophet or anything; just looking at current trends and extrapolating their likely convergence and results. The economy is in melt-down, and nobody really trusts anyone. We're addicted to creature comforts and a police state is in the offing. These are all in-our-face symptoms of a formerly Christian culture that has repudiated its heritage.

In short: there is a problem. I believe God will raise us up and allow us to be part of the answer, but only if we submit to Him.

Please spend some quiet time reviewing the above links. Let's re-align our lives in the light of God's priorities.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prepare To Be Horrified

We got on the 'slippery slope' of infanticide and euthanasia back in the 1950s (remember?) when Thalidomide was being given to pregnant women to ease the discomforts of morning sickness during pregnancy. As it turned out, use in Germany had already revealed that birth defects were a likely result, but this information was withheld, possibly to foment debate on the "ethics" of aborting a pregnancy if it were known that the baby would be severely deformed, retarded, or both.

Back then, the alarm bells sounded ... but alas! we wound up with abortion on demand about twenty years later.

Then partial-birth "abortion" - the gruesome murder of the baby at the time of birth. And "benign neglect" - allowing a baby to die after birth if the baby survived the attempted abortion.

Now, Baroness Warnock has weighed in with the second-to-the-last step on the slope: The DUTY to die if one's life has become burdensome, either to others or to the state. According to Warnock, "Old people with dementia have a duty to die and should be pushed towards death." She doesn't say how hard a push should be administered, but the "duty" to die can only be followed by one thing: the "duty" to kill those who won't do their "duty" voluntarily.

We can see this one coming, folks. This will be doctors REQUIRED to KILL THEIR PATIENTS if the patient's care becomes "too expensive" in the eyes of some state bureaucrat or, more likely, some formula developed by a committee so no one person need shoulder all the blame.

We are talking about the State creating a DUTY to violate the 6th commandment. These are scary times, people. Surely, the return of the Lord and the Day of Vengeance cannot be far off. Jesus said, "Unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved." The scripture also warns of a day when the living would envy the dead, and when people would cry out for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of the Lamb. (Rev. 6:16)

This nation is being turned into hell. Too many are still slumbering; aware of the dire straits we find ourselves in, but more afraid of Obama than they are of the Lord, or perhaps believing that "Messiah Obama" will actually 'turn things around' and get back to the way things used to be.

Well, with the blood of over 50 million innocent children already spilled, and apparently more on the way, this will not happen. There is no spirit of repentance sweeping the land, and as much as we long for and pray for a spiritual revival, that revival will not protect those wicked among us who have chosen to defy the Law of God (including many, I might add, who are hiding out in churches).

Don't be distracted, deceived, or dismayed. Judgment is almost here. Are you ready?