Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Knife in Ron Paul's Back

I spent several hours walking my precinct on Monday, then went to my precinct meeting yesterday. The sense I got from my street canvassing, even among some registered voters, is that there isn't much difference between Democrats and Republicans. And I've preached that long and hard for quite a few years.

Ron Paul's unavoidable problem is that he has to run as a Republican or else he has NO ACCESS to the system. The Republicrats run the show, along with their handlers in the media. The media provides 'viability' or 'electability' by covering a campaign, and the Major Parties then choose from amongst the media's anointed to provide the voters with a well-managed choice.

The knife is the Republican's well-established history of duplicity, treachery, and betrayal. The patron saint of the 21st century Republican establishment is that icon of Conservatism: Ronald Reagan. But it was Reagan who laid the foundation for almost all of our problems. He didn't deliver on his promise for smaller and less-intrusive government, he had huge budget deficits, and he handed off to George Bush I who was a CIA operative and began all the entangling alliances, etc. in the middle east. He also disgusted us with Republican big government and greased the skids for 8 years of the Clintonistas. Two years into the Clinton regime, the voters (maybe) voted for change, and the "Contract With America" came forth. Gingrich and Armey were going to provide leadership for a batch of conservative freshman Congressmen who were going to pare down government - "bind them down by the chains of the Constitution, where they can do no mischief" as Jefferson said.

Instead, Gingrich and his buddies did all within their power to derail the clear will of the People and give us even BIGGER government.

Bush the Second ran on a platform of a humble foreign policy, no nation-building, lower taxes, responsible "Christian" government. This led to more Republican betrayal, as we all now know.

The best thing is that the Republicans don't like Ron Paul. He is obviously not one of them. I only hope he can demonstrate that the betrayal came from the NeoCons who have hijacked the party, and that this stranglehold on the body politic by the warmongers and the banksters can be broken. Whether they can be permanently put into a cage is another question, as the American voting public seems incapable of eternal vigilance. But it does awaken from its slumber from time to time, and we can only pray that this is one of those times.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A political rant to a local Candidate for office

As far as I can tell, the "STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA" is a federal corporation that has usurped the organic republican State of North-Carolina and consists of a band of thugs and criminals whose sole intent is to plunder us. These people are thieves and worse, and will stop at nothing to continue their evil regime. I am appalled and disgusted by them.

When the Cubans were confronted by tyrannical government, they had some place to escape to. As far as I can tell, we have no place to escape to. We must either fight or submit. Our political enemies are destroying the middle class by design, and simply want a well-regulated federal plantation where we peasants and serfs work all day (with an extra part-time job on the weekends) while they train up OUR children in government schools, and then when we are too old or weak to work, we die.

It's one hell of a system, and it's designed that way.

I hope that you will join with us to engage the system and begin to eviscerate it. A pledge to 'not raise taxes' does not excite my passion when taxes are already obscenely high. A pledge to dramatically lower taxes would be better, and a plan to ELIMINATE taxes would suggest you get it. These bastards are harvesting billions of dollars from folks who just want to live their lives in peace. Many of these elected officials properly belong in prison. You know it ... I know it. And they probably know it, too. What's their response? Support for the "Homegrown Terrorist Act" that will be used to round up and incarcerate folks like me for simply expressing these intemperate thoughts.

Last year, our local Sheriff had a clear-cut decision to either obey his oath to God to support and defend the Constitution, or to piss on the oath and the Constitution and steal over thirty thousand dollars from me. That quisling coward chose poorly, and I am quite confident that God Himself will avenge. And it is still a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

If you are elected, and I hope you are, I fully expect you will aggressively pursue these people, and shine the light of truth on these scuttling cockroaches and their nefarious deeds. YouTube may yet save us! Make a movie and upload, and let the body politic see what these people are really like. The Revolution is not about Ron Paul; it's a whole lot bigger than that. The world knows we MUST prevail, or this will truly become "Prison Planet."

What are we gonna do about it?

Political Philosophy

If I don't have a right, then I can't delegate the exercise of that non-existing 'right' to someone else. I don't care how competent or well-intentioned people in government are, if they don't have authority to do something, they shouldn't do it. And if they do it anyway, someone should be impeached (or fired) and then tried. Arrogant and tyrannical "public servants" should be on the street and living under bridges, rather than our returning veterans.

Civil government's natural tendency is to usurp, and the body politic's natural tendency is to trust their elected representatives. OUR elected representatives no longer represent us. They plunder us for their benefit.

We got here for several reasons:

  • First, the failure of most of us to responsibly self-govern. When we exchanged liberty under God for license, a power vacuum of sorts was created, and civil government filled the void. We've had severe moral lapses and we are paying for it.
  • Second, VOTE FRAUD. I don't believe we voted for a lot of this stuff. "Those who count the votes decide everything." (attributed to Josef Stalin) and our votes are counted by computers programmed by Diebold or, in NC, an outfit called ES&S. I understand these companies are owned by Israelis. So it's no wonder that pro-Israel candidates litter the political landscape.
  • Third, flaky theology. Many believed the "Rapture" would deliver us, so didn't care how polluted the political and social environments became. Indeed, many Christians, including pastors, taught and believed that things MUST get this bad, that this was the outworking of prophecy, that it was God's Will. Some also believe our mis-adventures in the middle east are also, somehow, sanctified activities -- even though none of it honors or glorifies Christ. Blindly, they vote for leaders who offer us more of what Schofield's Bible told us was destined to happen. Well ... it's many years after the so-called "last generation" and we're still here, and rather than God blessing us for our obedience, He is clearly judging us for our gross malfeasance.
What to do? How about:

  1. Strict limits on governmental authority and activity
  2. Balanced budget
  3. Eliminate taxes
  4. Strict accountability against lawbreakers and usurpers in government. Criminal sanctions for breach of fiduciary trust for those who violate the Constitution.
  5. Privatize - let the market decide
I would like to see a culture that honors its senior citizens by making them tax-immune after age sixty. No property tax, no income tax, no sales tax. We need to 'rise up before the hoary head' as the scriptures say, and respect the fact that these folks have paid their share.

We also need to get the government out of the school business. Period. Privatize every single school and get rid of the Department of Education.

Get the government out of garbage collection and the rest. All the government properly needs to do is punish the wicked. We need a Sheriff who respects the Constitution (that excludes Harrison) and will go after the true miscreants in our society, and we need a court system to try them (with fully informed juries), and a penal system to rehab them if possible, or execute them if necessary.

And we need a legislature that will go through the laws on the books and repeal a LOT of them.

We have a RIGHT to travel. The DMV has no legitimate authority taking our natural God-given right, converting it into a 'privilege' by legal word-smithing and sophistry, and then selling that right back to us as a state-granted privilege. There should be, and properly is no, tax on my RIGHT to own an automobile or a house or any other property.

Join the Revolution: Would YOU have signed the Declaration of Independence?