Sunday, June 22, 2008

Demanding News

Bogus "news" stories, outright fabrications, disinformation, and mindless 'infotainment' have become standard fare for much of the mainstream media. As a result, the average American viewer is either tittilated, mis-informed, or uninformed. This is hardly the formula for the informed electorate that we need if we want to get this country back onto the right track.

Michael Carl seems to think that we need to hold the media strictly accountable for accuracy, content, and relevance. In today's article, Demanding News, Rev. Carl calls on Americans to get involved by engaging the media and challenging them to return to the previously high standards of American journalism.

Trivial, lame and absurd stories do not deserve space in today's news, especially if it means significant stories must go unreported. And there is never any excuse for reporting lies as truth.

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