Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Fix Has Been In"

I found out through Devvy Kidd's research published in her column on NewsWithViews.com that the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund was incorporated in Delaware in February of this year. My first reaction -- and I posted to the first version of this blog entry -- was that the whole "primary campaign" was a sham and a fraud.

I found out subsequently, from another source, that the Fund was re-named after Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation to join him on the ticket.

However, this does not serve to disabuse me of my original conclusion: that the whole game is RIGGED -- We, the People, have no more voice in the selection of our leaders than the Framers of this republic had in the matter of who sat on the British Throne.

The "campaign" was almost totally for show, though it did serve a useful purpose in smoking out folks like Dr. James Dobson and a few other "Christian leaders" who neglected principles on their way to the polls because of their terror at the prospect of living in an ObamaNation come January.

And I still believe that the folks who own The System had already decided who the winners and losers would be. They simply were not as careless with the 'smoking gun' as Devvy would have us believe. Every dime spent on "the campaign" for ANY candidate was wasted money down the rat hole (or, more properly, into the coffers of the Friends of The System in the media), with the exception of at least some of the money given to the Ron Paul effort, as his campaign was highly educational.

This is no longer a Constitutional Republic, and we are no longer self-governing people. We are a conquered people. Through fraud, deceit, lies, and our own trusting stupidity, we have allowed our servants to become our masters.

My first conclusion was that we now have a Duty to Disobey. We really have a primary duty to repent and discern the will of Jesus Christ as we go forward. It is, after all, to Him that we must give an account. That being said, our incoming administration and the federal bureaucracy upon which it rests ("the woman who rides the beast") are still illegitimate and they rule by force and terror, not by legitimate authority.