Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rapture Fever

The excitement about the imminent return of Christ for His Church got another boost with J.R. Church's recent interview of Mark Biltz. Check them out here:

Mark appears to have done his homework, and the conclusion that is there for the grasping is simply this: in about 60 days Jesus will return for his church and seven years of severe tribulation and wrath will be unleashed on those remaining on the planet.

Those who 'love His appearing' and who are the overcomers (see the 7 letters in Revelation) will be spared ("kept from") the awesome judgments that will soon be poured out: man's wrath, nature's wrath, and God's wrath.

Will I look back on this blog entry in October and chuckle over my eschatological error?

Probably not. Those following current events already have a lot less to chuckle about, and I expect that Bush & Co. will uncork their latest disaster before the November elections. Knowing that our probable next "leader" will be either Obama or McCain would incline me to cry if I'm still here at regime change.

But it won't be for long. The NWO thinks there are too many of us common folk, and with their aggressive efforts to make life as unliveable as possible for us as they attempt to reduce our numbers by about 5 billion ... for those left behind, they will truly begin to envy the dead.

I intend to spend these next (last) sixty days in prayer, personal worship, Bible study and thanksgiving as much as possible. By God's grace, our needs will be met, and by God's grace, my whole family will be among the overcomers.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

End Game

The economic situation we see today is what the international bankers and elitists intended. The current state of the American economy was inevitable.

To understand why, one must first review the basic principles of our monetary system. Once the basics are clearly seen, the lies, deceit and theft are obvious.

We have a debt-based monetary system. "Money" comes into being when the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private banks, lends 'dollars' to the federal government in exchange for government bonds. The bonds are backed by all the real and personal property in the country. The 'dollars' are imaginary units; 'notes' that are backed by and redeemable for nothing.

No competition is allowed. The ONLY thing that can be used for money is debt created by, and benefitting, the Federal Reserve bank. One MUST use Federal Reserve Notes to participate in the American economy. Significantly, one must also obtain Federal Reserve Notes to pay the ever-increasing taxes created to pay for this system (and to fund perpetual war).

What many do not understand is that the only way to pay a debt plus the accrued interest, is by paying back 'money' that does not exist. This means that, of necessity, the ultimate resolution of all debts is either forgiveness or foreclosure. The option we assume is available -- repayment -- is not available.

I repeat: this is not an unfortunate miscalculation or minor problem with the system. This IS the system as it was designed and intended. When the Federal Reserve Act became "law" in this country, the eventual transfer of ownership of everything of value to the bankers became a certainty. The only question was how long the 'cat' wanted to play with us mice.

If it surprises you that a banking mechanism that creates nothing of real value can wind up owning everything, you need to take another look at how a debt-based monetary system works.

Suppose we're on an island and we decide to use coconuts for money. It takes a certain amount of effort to harvest coconuts, but they are intrinsically valuable (one can eat them). If I want to buy your hut from you and you offer to sell it for 100 coconuts, that debt can eventually be paid.

However, suppose we have a banker on the island with us, and he convinces us to use coco-Notes instead. I go to him to borrow 100 coco-Notes. These 'notes' do not exist until the loan is created. Suddenly, our little island economy has 100 monetary units in circulation. At this point, that's all the money there is. So I pay you for your house. But I borrowed those 'notes' at interest, say 1%. Where does the interest come from?

Suppose on this same island, Rita wants to buy Sam's canoe. She borrows 50 coco-Notes to make the purchase. I can then do some work for Sam (who has spending money from selling his canoe), and earn the 'Notes' to pay off my loan. Now Rita has a problem. The banker has the interest, the principal of my loan is paid and ceases to exist, and there's no lien on my hut. But Rita owes 50 plus interest on the canoe, and there is not that much 'money' in the economy. There is NO WAY she can pay. So the banker forecloses and winds up with the canoe.

It's a dog-eat-dog world. I can no longer create value and monetize that value. All I can do is use the debt monetized by the bank. As a matter of LAW, my gold, silver, and coconuts are no longer money. They are simply commodities; property hypothecated against the debt created by the bank. Life becomes dog-eat-dog because the only way I can pay my interest is by going after someone else's principal. Whoever is still struggling when the music stops loses everything.

The game runs as long as the banker wants it to. As soon as he stops making loans -- 'creating money' -- those at the bottom of this food chain start facing foreclosure.

Welcome to America 2008. This is EXACTLY what the bankers are doing.

As we watch, the Federal Reserve is taking direct control of more and more banks. Their little flim-flam game is stealing all the property in America and, as Jefferson said, we are about to wake up homeless on the continent our forefathers conquered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Understanding the Trick

I've long maintained that 'liberal' and 'conservative' are simply styles of rhetoric that candidates for public office rely on to appeal for support. Once in office, however, they are almost all (Dr. Ron Paul being a notable exception) statists. Policy supports the growth of the government, and different excuses are offered to make the same vote for the same policy seem both liberal and conservative; i.e. in your best interests, regardless of your position on the 'political spectrum.'

It's all lies, of course. Almost all of the people who run for public office do it because they want power, not results. Once enough of us understand how this 'trick' works, maybe we can make some long overdue changes. But I still doubt that 'the system' -- broken as it is -- can ever be used to fix itself. We didn't vote ourselves into this mess. Rather, this road to hell is paved with crime, usurpation, lawlessness, rationalizations ("it's for their own good" or "the end will justify the means") extortion, and rebellion against God.

"How To Be A Successful Tyrant" digs into the mindset in a serious and yet whimsical way. Tyrants are dead earnest about their dream to run our lives and rule the world. Thinking themselves wise, they have done the very un-wise thing of attempting to sit on a throne that only Jesus Christ is worthy to sit upon. And He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord will hold them in derision.

That said, our duty is to watch and pray. Watch -- know what's going on; not the sound-bites for the mindless often offered up by network news, but the real story of what is happening and why. See where this road will take us.

Then pray. Turn off the entertainment and get on your knees, or your face. Examine yourself, repent and make restitution. And urge others to do the same.

Larken's book may help understand the enemy without, and within. The sins that so easily beset us reside in all our hearts. Today's elitist tyrants have only one thing the rest of us lack: opportunity.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Great Black Man

Actually, two black culture articles of interest today. "Proud To Be Stupid?" is a rebuke against the recent silliness in Dallas, Texas - construing the use of the astronomical term "black hole" as some sort of racial slur.

Second, and more uplifting, is a brief tribute of sorts to Frederick Douglass, a former slave who freed his mind and his body from slavery -- without self-pity, without race-baiting, without any of the counter-productive (at best) and downright destructive tactics used by too many of the black leaders today. Mr. Douglass was A Great Black Man and it's a shame that more of us aren't familiar with his wisdom. Visit the site and remedy that.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sabbath Q & A

Q: I am curious about your opinion of the meaning of Colossians 2:16-17:

16 Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day--
17 things which are a mere shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ.

A: My thoughts --

Sabbath and Sabbath-keeping (or Sabbath observance) is getting a lot more attention now than it did even ten years ago. I find this consistent with God's stirring our hearts and getting us out of our luke-warmness. I think the Sabbath has gotten a bad rap.

First, the idea of Sunday being the "Christian Sabbath" is rather fanciful. The antinomians ("anti-law" - the law is fulfilled in Christ so we are completely free of it. All that's required is that we love one another and love our enemies) still don't have much problem with the idea of Christians being somehow 'required' to observe Sunday as a 'day of worship.' But if you've read Pagan Christianity (for one), you know that abandoning the 7th day and having church meetings on the 1st day instead is distinctively pagan. Constantine wanted to wed the church to the state, and that's part of the way he did so.

I've noticed in my web research that there are various schemes for calculating the Sabbath. Some are based on the lunar cycles and get rather complex. I'm inclined to believe that God would not require a Sabbath observance as part of His moral law and then make compliance difficult or confusing. "Remember the Sabbath" should be no more difficult to understand than "Thou shalt not steal." True, we can make it difficult with our sophistry, but that's us, not God.

The Jews had a problem because they reasoned the Sabbath with their flesh and their mind, not with their spirit and their heart. They wanted a bunch of specific rules and wanted to quantify Sabbath-keeping. I think Jesus and Paul both dealt adequately with their errors. THAT we remember the Sabbath is a matter of the moral law; HOW we do so is under grace.

In the Colossians passage you cited, I think the emphasis is on people setting themselves up (or setting others up) to judge the quality or adequacy of the various areas cited. The point, I think, is that your Biblically-informed conscience should guide in these areas. The purpose of Sabbath-keeping was primarily as a commemoration of God's creative work. Were the Christians to actively commemorate creation, I believe the Holy Spirit would then convict the culture of the sin of embracing evolutionism. Attributing the work of God to others -- "chance" or "nature" or whatever -- is blasphemy against God. (When the Pharisees attributed a healing done by the Holy Spirit to the work of Beelzebub, Jesus called it blasphemy - see Matthew 12.)

The point, I think, is that we don't quantify the moral law, or see how close we can get to violation without 'technically' stepping over the line. This was the sin described in Numbers 15. It was forbidden to gather wood on the Sabbath. The man thought that because what he gathered was "sticks" and not "wood," (a subtle difference), that he wasn't 'technically' breaking the law. But he had rebellion in his heart, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. He didn't want to distance himself from sin, but wanted to get as close to the line as possible without stepping over.

I believe that, out of love for God and love for our fellow-creatures, we ought to observe a Sabbath and grant Sabbath rest to our employees, our family members, and our community. Were the Christians, for instance, to stop shopping on the Sabbath, all those retail clerks would have nothing to do and their pagan bosses would send them home. They would get their day of rest. So, to effect that, part of the historical Sabbath observance was to not use money on the Sabbath. Exceptional circumstances may REQUIRE the use of money on a Sabbath ... but those are exceptions. Our 'legalism' regarding Sabbath-keeping shouldn't keep us from doing good on the Sabbath.

Somewhat common sense, one would hope. But common sense is often jettisoned when legalism takes the helm.

Food, drink, new moon and Sabbath are spoken of as 'shadow' but the same claim is never made about, say, prohibitions against idolatry, or murder, or the requirement to honor one's parents. And, of interest, the dietary prohibitions are not in the moral law. Sabbath is in both the moral and the ceremonial law. So the ceremonial aspects are obsolete, being fulfilled in Christ. Our true "Sabbath" is not a day, but a Person. We rest in Christ; He is our Sabbath. However, this does not nullify or set aside our requirements under the moral law. I need not elaborate.

Sabbath is getting a lot of resistance amongst the mainstream believers. I think that's tragic, but that is God's concern, not mine. Christians set the seventh day aside for cleaning the garage, abortions (last I heard, the busiest day for the butchers), shopping, etc. When we become RADICAL about obeying and honoring God, and about saving this country from an otherwise certain doom, THEN and only then ....

2 Chron 7:14 - If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Confidence

We have now reached the point where there is absolutely nothing else the criminals running the Federal "government" need to do to convince the honest among us that they are, indeed, criminals. They have lied, murdered, stolen ... they routinely kill people and steal things, reward evil and punish good. And the only thing left short of armed resistance -- which I believe is coming -- is for people to publicly repudiate this gang of thugs.

Our legitimate Constitutional government is no more. It exists only in imaginations and in history books. We have gangster government; people who are actively and self-consciously opposed to God's Law and righteousness.

I repudiate them all, and I call down God's righteous wrath upon their heads. May God hear the cries of His people, and may He deliver us speedily. I believe His judgment has arrived, and a year from now we will still be reeling from it.

Read my repudiation at and please pass these links around. The system is broken, and we can't use a broken system to repair the system. Technology will not save us, neither will good intentions or 'voting for change.'

We're screwed. It's time to repent and honor our 400-year-old covenant with God.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Would You Have Signed?

Talk is cheap. As Ron Paul noted, "the founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Here's an update, with a short list of some of the crimes and malfeasance of our current Federal rulers. And here's your opportunity to put them on notice. Mad as hell? Gonna take it any more? Sign up ... or shut up.

Here's the link: New Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Forced Money

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