Thursday, September 4, 2008

Once Saved - Always Saved?

I'm plugged in to the ACA network, sponsored by Ning. It's membership is limited to members of the Church of Christ; that is, all "true" believers who follow the Bible in faith and practice.

One of my fellow network members opened a discussion thread on the forum to discuss the idea of "once saved, always saved." This idea is generally rejected by the Church of Christ, and we were fairly freely discussing the issue.

I say "fairly" because it must be understood that concluding that OSAS is true would be heresy. So the conclusion of the discussion is foregone. But the discussion remained civil and some of the points raised were intriguing .... at least, some of us thought so.

And then .... alas! .... some questions were apparently posed that the Guardians of Orthodoxy could not answer and ... the discussion was electronically terminated.

If you've browsed this blog, you already know that I don't like tyranny in any of its forms. But there is something stirring in the hearts of many Christians, and we may yet see the revival we've prayed for. And we will also see, once again, that the biggest resisters will be the religious establishment.

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