Saturday, April 17, 2010

A word about "false prophets"

I was doing some web research and came upon this link. The blog author positions himself as one able to root out and expose "false prophets" - his tag line being "Exposing False Prophets Who Refuse To Repent of their False Prophecies or Abominations."

Hear! Hear! - He seems to think that citing Amos 3:7 is somehow a flashing neon sign that says, "What follows is a false prophecy."

Oh, well. The self-appointed prophets of Micaiah's day sang from the same hymn book. John Lawler added his voice to many with his admonition that served as source material for the anonymous "falseprophetwatch" blogger. John's warning is here:
I guess I'm guilty by association, but would like to point out to the skeptics viewing these posts that Jonah was also a "false prophet." By their definition, anyway -- Jonah said that Nineveh was 40 days from destruction. No fudge factors, no weasel words, nothing ambiguous. "Forty days and you're done!"

But God relented. Jonah may have been upset because he was embarrassed; his prophecy didn't come to pass! More apparent, however, is that Jonah was upset because he hated the Ninevites and WANTED THEM DESTROYED. And this was a true prophet of God.

That to say this: first, John Lawler's Christmas prophecy did not specify WHICH Christmas. Obviously, it wasn't last Christmas. But the imagination need not be stretched to believe that this coming Christmas could be the one in view. God, in His mercy, has given the people a WHOLE YEAR to get their affairs in order and leave the danger zone. In His mercy, He has given California a 12.6% jobless rate, further motivation for the people who live there to move anywhere else.

Daniel Matson has pointed to November 8th as a likely "official" beginning of the Tribulation period, though for folks in Iceland (and downwind), their Tribulation period may have already begun. Suffice it to say, we're at least on the on-ramp to the last seven years of this highway to hell, and we can at least expect more folks like the falseprophecywatch blogger to come out of the woodwork and post their resistance ... until the infrastructure collapses here and the internet becomes, like so many other creature comforts, just a memory.

That to say this: if you have a watching/warning ministry, keep at it.

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