Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Are We Here?

Dennis Marcellino cites a survey on CNN Headline News that said the #1 interest of 43% of Americans is, “What is the meaning of life?”

Logically, life must have meaning. If life had no meaning, the concept would have no meaning. It would then never occur to anyone to wonder about the 'meaning of life' because the idea itself would be nonsense.

We're at the brink. Politicians want more power, corporate leaders want larger market share and higher profits, starving people want food, war-ravaged people want peace, and the average blue-collar worker just wants to be left alone.

But is that 'meaning'? Wanting things and getting what we want?

Henry Blackaby gave the keynote address at a National Day of Prayer event four years ago. His comments remain relevant: God Himself has an agenda for the world, and particularly for His people. We would be well-served to forget our priorities and think about His. All our earthly hopes, dreams, and accomplishments will vanish like a dream disappears when one awakens. None of it will matter, nor will it leave evidence that it ever even existed. But the One with whom we have to do -- He will hold us accountable.

We are called to 'watch' - to meditate on God's Word - to be extensions of God's grace in this world. So put away your vainglory, your temporary hopes and yearnings for physical comfort, power, and praise. The world, the flesh and the devil will be gone soon enough.

Then what?

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