Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Understanding the Trick

I've long maintained that 'liberal' and 'conservative' are simply styles of rhetoric that candidates for public office rely on to appeal for support. Once in office, however, they are almost all (Dr. Ron Paul being a notable exception) statists. Policy supports the growth of the government, and different excuses are offered to make the same vote for the same policy seem both liberal and conservative; i.e. in your best interests, regardless of your position on the 'political spectrum.'

It's all lies, of course. Almost all of the people who run for public office do it because they want power, not results. Once enough of us understand how this 'trick' works, maybe we can make some long overdue changes. But I still doubt that 'the system' -- broken as it is -- can ever be used to fix itself. We didn't vote ourselves into this mess. Rather, this road to hell is paved with crime, usurpation, lawlessness, rationalizations ("it's for their own good" or "the end will justify the means") extortion, and rebellion against God.

"How To Be A Successful Tyrant" digs into the mindset in a serious and yet whimsical way. Tyrants are dead earnest about their dream to run our lives and rule the world. Thinking themselves wise, they have done the very un-wise thing of attempting to sit on a throne that only Jesus Christ is worthy to sit upon. And He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord will hold them in derision.

That said, our duty is to watch and pray. Watch -- know what's going on; not the sound-bites for the mindless often offered up by network news, but the real story of what is happening and why. See where this road will take us.

Then pray. Turn off the entertainment and get on your knees, or your face. Examine yourself, repent and make restitution. And urge others to do the same.

Larken's book may help understand the enemy without, and within. The sins that so easily beset us reside in all our hearts. Today's elitist tyrants have only one thing the rest of us lack: opportunity.

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