Saturday, August 2, 2008

A few thoughts on the "Last Days"

Peter announced the beginning of the "last days" on Pentecost, almost 2000 years ago. One must wonder what he meant. Is the 'last days' such a long period of time that the term is essentially meaningless? Or is there some other constraint we should be aware of?

In a series of five things, one could not properly refer to the second thing in the series as one of the 'last' of the series. Speaking precisely, even the third in the series wouldn't be considered one of the last. So what are we to make of 'last' days that started two millenia ago? How many days would have to preceed them to make them 'last'?

One very common construct is simply this: there are seven 'days' of creation; six of active work and a seventh day of rest. This is a model of the total amount of time created, a day is as a thousand years. There were four 'days' -- four thousand-year periods -- preceeding Peter's statement at Pentecost. The two thousand years since are 'last days' ONLY IF the total number of days is 7 or 8.

Eight breaks the model. Eight is a new beginning, one obvious example is in music: do - re - mi - fa - sol - la - ti are the seven tones, and then the octave is a new beginning. The seven days in a week isn't a coincidence; it's the pattern.

Scripture confirms this in many ways: "After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up."

In the dire straits in which we currently find ourselves, it strains credulity to believe that we will continue to muddle along as we have and manage to even survive for another thousand years. This is it. All the horrors of Revelation are now technological possibilities. The stench of our sin has risen to the nostrils of God Himself, and He will no longer remain silent. The next events will be the Rapture of the overcomers, an incredible war starting at the Euphrates, and some sort of 'peace covenant' that will be confirmed for seven years.

Other possibilities include: biological warfare that will decimate the world's population, alleged "extraterrestrials" (demons masquerading as UFO-nauts) who will try to 'confirm' evolution and necessarily debunk the Bible, and dictatorial government action taking direct control of all U.S. food sources.

Some speculate that there will be EMP weapons deployed against the U.S. which would effectively roll our technology back about 100 years. I'm inclined to doubt this, mainly because the NWO needs technology for their plan to chip and control the survivors of their next war.

In any event, it's becoming 'open season' on Christians around the world, and the U.S. was the last safe haven. However, even here a Christian who speaks out against either the dictatorial and illegal regime in Washington, or against sodomy or any of our other national sins, is now branded a 'dissident' or 'terrorist' and can expect to be rounded up and imprisoned, tortured, and executed. There is no place else to go.... except UP.

We in Christ have served notice on the culture: our lives and message are an indictment against a world that has turned in active rebellion against God, against Jesus Christ, and against the Word of God. All that is left is wrath, and we in the U.S. will soon discover that God has more disaster than Washington has relief. And if we come to ourselves in time, we will also realize that WE DESERVE WHAT IS COMING.

Months ago, when McCain and Obama emerged as our two 'candidates' from whom we would choose our next President, we should have fallen on our faces in bitter repentance. But we did not. As has been stated countless times, our problem is not political or economic -- it is spiritual.

This world might stagger on for another hundred years before Jesus comes again; I might be all wrong on the Rapture. But the fact remains: we are on the brink of cataclysmic events that will forever change life on earth, and many of us won't survive the transition. For those who will shortly die at the hands of the NWO elites, this is their LAST days. A rapture in September doesn't matter to someone gunned down in August.

Prepare to meet your God.

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