Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why the UFO-nauts are still hiding

One of the weird things that's supposed to increase during the time of great tribulation just ahead will be demonic activity. Many skeptics who read the Biblical accounts of exorcisms like to ridicule those "backward" people who believed such "nonsense," preferring the enlightened opinions of guys like Freud. Well guess what? Jesus knew exactly what He was doing, and if He said it was a demon possession, then that's exactly what it was. The fact that these things are now rare can be easily explained by one simple fact: there are Spirit-filled disciples about, and no demon can stand against the Word of God wielded by a knowledgeable Christian spiritual warrior. In fact, even an inexperienced warrior is more than a match for a demon.

So, while one of the Apollo astronauts, and the Pope, and a few other notable people have come out and done some advance work for 'aliens,' the fact is that no alien can stand in front of a TV camera and risk the possibility that he will be exposed by a Christian. The Spirit-filled believers must be taken out of the way.

And this is one thing that the bad guys can't do. But God can, and as noted in previous posts, I firmly believe that He will do exactly that, and in the VERY near future.

That is not to say that there won't be attempted "exorcisms" or similar confrontations after the Christians are gone. But they will play out like the episode in Acts 19, where seven guys got their clocks cleaned by a demon who knew they were spiritually unarmed. Those seven guys were fortunate that they didn't all get killed.

In the Tribulation, nominal "Christians" may also try to rebuke demons/aliens in Jesus' name, but it will be the same story: "I know Jesus, but who are you?" They will discover ... too late ... that Jesus is a person to whom a true believer is totally submitted in faith, and not just a genie or cosmic bellhop who will come running whenever we tell Him to.

I believe the signs in the heavens will not be limited to astronomical signs in the sun, moon and stars, but that alleged UFO activity will also be part of the end-time deception. Jesus' first words in the Matthew 24 Olivet discourse were, "Take heed that no one deceives you." And much of this deception will issue from spiritual "leaders" who affirm that Jesus is the Christ, and who claim to speak in His Name.

How deceived are you?

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