Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rapture Fever

The excitement about the imminent return of Christ for His Church got another boost with J.R. Church's recent interview of Mark Biltz. Check them out here:

Mark appears to have done his homework, and the conclusion that is there for the grasping is simply this: in about 60 days Jesus will return for his church and seven years of severe tribulation and wrath will be unleashed on those remaining on the planet.

Those who 'love His appearing' and who are the overcomers (see the 7 letters in Revelation) will be spared ("kept from") the awesome judgments that will soon be poured out: man's wrath, nature's wrath, and God's wrath.

Will I look back on this blog entry in October and chuckle over my eschatological error?

Probably not. Those following current events already have a lot less to chuckle about, and I expect that Bush & Co. will uncork their latest disaster before the November elections. Knowing that our probable next "leader" will be either Obama or McCain would incline me to cry if I'm still here at regime change.

But it won't be for long. The NWO thinks there are too many of us common folk, and with their aggressive efforts to make life as unliveable as possible for us as they attempt to reduce our numbers by about 5 billion ... for those left behind, they will truly begin to envy the dead.

I intend to spend these next (last) sixty days in prayer, personal worship, Bible study and thanksgiving as much as possible. By God's grace, our needs will be met, and by God's grace, my whole family will be among the overcomers.

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