Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas - my irreverent thoughts

My bottom line on Christmas is simply this: it's a secular/pagan holiday that does NOT honor Christ, does NOT advance the gospel, and basically leaves people with warm and fuzzy sentimentality while (hopefully) emptying their pockets. The biggest smiles and the merriest Christmas belong to the retailers. January is doubly bleak, because the weather is usually disagreeable, and the bills come in.

Jehovah's Witnesses have hit this one right (and they are also right on the Pledge of Allegiance). Christmas is not for Christians. When you celebrate your birthday (if you do), do you break out your baby pictures? Do you relate a historically incorrect rendition of your birth? If not, then why is this done for Jesus Christ?

It's just Saturnalia, folks: A Pagan Holiday in drag. No "Christmas" before about the 4th Century, when the political powers that then existed apparently realized that the only way to control the Christians was to infiltrate them, something very difficult when the church was underground. So they made Christianity the 'official religion' of the Roman Empire, something to which the church never aspired.

And guess what? Same deal today: "Christianity" is the "official religion" of America, and the government (our pagan masters) controls the whole show through its network of 501(c) 3 franchises that dot the landscape.

Have you ever seen an "American Flag" in a church building? Why is that? Just who do they serve? Do they collect taxes from the folks who work there? Are they under submission to Federal, state, and local civil governments? If so, why? Perhaps because the "Jesus" they serve is also under submission - a FALSE CHRIST (that's what "antichrist" means, by the way) that has been manufactured for people who don't really want the real One.



JJones said...

Jehovah's Witnesses are like the old farmer who the city-slicker stopped to ask if he was on the right country road to get to his country-cousin's farm house.

The old farmer told the city-slicker "heavens no", and then proceeded to make fun of the city-slicker's ignorance of directions, traveling, and just about everything else.

The old farmer told the city-slicker that he knew exactly where the city-slicker's cousin lived, and the old farmer then proceeded to give the city-slicker a lengthy series of directions how to get there.

The city-slicker highly appreciated the old farmer's help, since the old farmer's directions were nearly totally opposite of the directions that his country-cousin had given him.

That was 20 years ago, and the city-slicker still has not arrived at his cousin's home. Yet, the city-slicker is still confident that he was on the wrong road when the old farmer pointed him down the "right road".

First, just because Christmas is mixed with customs that were pagan HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO, does not mean that Xmas can be celebrated properly IF SOMEONE WOULD SIMPLY MAKE THE EFFORT.

Second, I guarantee you that you don't know the REAL REASON that JWs refuse to recite the pledge.

It is because JWs believe that they should be ruling the United States -- not the US Government.

(There's much more to the story, but you are probably a "city-slicker".)

Try this:

JJones said...

Link should have "html" at end. here is excerpt:

"Because, the WatchTower Society teaches Jehovah's Witnesses that the Government of the United States is governing ILLEGITIMATELY. The WatchTower Society teaches that the Government of the United States is under the control of Satan the Devil as his partner in Satan's universal rebellion against GOD. The WatchTower Society teaches that GOD granted humans the authority to rule the earth only for a period of 2520 years -- starting in 607 B.C. and ending in October, 1914 A.D. The WatchTower Society teaches that in October, 1914, the authority to rule the earth reverted back to GOD, and that He then formed a heavenly government to rule the earth -- with Jesus Christ as King. The WatchTower Society teaches that in 1919 that Jesus Christ selected the WatchTower Society as his sole earthly representative of that heavenly government. The WatchTower Society teaches that the Government of the United States (as well as all other governments), is its' enemy, because it has failed to surrender governmental power that rightfully belongs to the WatchTower Society.

"These are the real reasons that the WatchTower Society forbids its Jehovah's Witness members to participate in the U.S. governmental system (no voting, no holding political office, no professing loyalty via the Pledge of Allegiance, no joining the military to protect the United States, etc.). Jehovah's Witnesses do not profess to be "pacifists". They claim to be "neutrals". JWs consider themselves to be "citizens" of the government supposedly formed in heaven in 1919, and that they are only "resident aliens" of the United States. The WatchTower Society teaches that Armageddon will soon occur, and that at Armageddon the heavenly armies will destroy the armies and governments of the United States, and of all other countries, including all people did not convert to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to the day when they will rule the planet. Currently, the WatchTower Society tells JWs not to forcefully oppose the United States, or other governments. Given their fanatical beliefs as to what they have to gain, one can only speculate what would happen if the WatchTower Society ever told JWs otherwise."