Friday, July 27, 2007

There Is No Law

Tom Cryer took his case to court and he won. Let's re-phrase that: the IRS took Tom Cryer to court and lost. Big time.

There is no law, nor could there be, that gives the federal government a piece of you for simply exercising your God-given right to work and exchange your life and efforts for property.

There is NO LAW.

The "show us the law" petition is now obsolete. It's out there for all of Creation to see. By legal sophistry and brute force, our so-called "representatives" and our so-called "impartial" judges have conspired to rip off working Americans, who create and, by law, own the wealth in this country.

Now there is a website to orchestrate the propagation of this message:

Go there, sign up, join in, TAKE ACTION. We simply cannot afford to do nothing and leave a slavery plantation to our children and grandchildren.

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